The G.D. Logistics Park offers world class warehousing infrastructure meeting highest level of storage requirements. The warehousing infrastructure in the park boasts the following features.

  • Modern warehouse with latest infrastructure & advanced technology.
  • 8.4 M height of warehouse serves to efficient space utilization by allowing high racking system.
  • A canopy of 2.5 M will provide protective cover for loading and unloading even during rainy season.
  • Specific plan for rainy reason very easy operation in all seasons.
  • Mezzanine office to monitor the operation as well as optimum utilization of the dock area.
  • The plinth height of 1.2 m conforms to the standard height of trucks and trailers facilitating smooth and fast loading and unloading operations.
  • Vacuum dewatering flooring for smoother operation.
  • Warehouses construction is being done scientifically with Roof monitor, FRP sheet & scientific window, etc.
  • Rolling shutters sufficient number of shutters has been provided for loading and unloading numbers of vehicle in one time.
  • Sky lighting on roof covering 5% of warehouse area and incursion of sun light in day time ensures minimum energy consumption.
  • Enclosed by 2.5m height of boundary/compound wall.
  • Spacious area has been provided for parking of trucks and trailers.
  • Refrigerated van for supply of perishable products.
  • Computerized weighbridge facility.
  • Broad concrete roads of 18 M enables the accessibility of trucks on both ways.
  • A dormitory for drivers to rest is provided near parking area.
  • Truck washing & maintenance yard facility.
  • Team of expert to maintain a warehouse.
  • Separate electricity connection with DG equipped (for common area).
  • Wi-Fi equipped lush green campus with Cafeteria.
  • Separate housing for labour (25 units).
  • Round the clock free first aid medical facility.
  • Commercial complex is coming soon with provisions for courier services, stationery, restaurant, ATM, dispensary, medical shops conference room etc.
  • Fuel station is close to the campus.

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