Infrastructure Specifications

The GD Logistics Park the biggest logistic park in central India up comes with the world class renowned modern infrastructure to match the international standard and maintain highest level of storage, safety and security. The infrastructure in the park with following features that makes our remarkable are as:

A. Area:
The area of GD Logistic Park is designed with Modern Pre Engineering building Structure that enables the optimum utilization of floor space and eco friendly. With respect to width and height, the height of warehouse is 8 mt and in the total area of 700000/-sq ft. which serves an efficient space for storing with 1.5 Mtr wide plat form and 2 mtr canopy in each block of warehouse for easy loading & unloading. The layout of infrastructure have with 4 X 4 mtr wide rolling shutter in every 7.5 mtr,  Trimax flooring, 4mtr brick wall  with colored galvalume sheet and MHE for storing and retrieving from high racks.

Special care is taken for accessibility of trucks and trailers in store yards to facilitate smooth and fast loading and unloading operations. Several Dock Station is made avail at park for loading and unloading of non standard trucks.

B. Flooring:
Vacuum dewatered technology (VDF) applies for the flooring in GD Logistic Park in order to withstand a load of bearing capacity which is adequate to the high rack storage systems and rough operations of MHE. The flooring is toughened from top and bottom and has floor panels which are 4m wide connected to each other by dowels at regular intervals.

C. Lighting:
The lighting system is embedded in such a manner that covers 100% of working floor area with natural sun light in day time and electric light during night time which ensures minimum energy consumption. The 3% FRP/ Polycarbonates Sheet for skylight which means no need hudge investment on electric light and same reduce cost of electricity. 24 X 7 X 365 lighting system is available as park is integrated with DG back up. The glass wool insulation along with aluminium ensures a substantial temperature difference between outside and warehouse environment.

D. Ventilation:
The installation of turbo ventilators and forced/natural ventilations ensures best suited to most product storage and serves against environmental hazards to the shelf life of the product and materials.